The Spiritual Concierge’s guide for your week ahead!


As your Spiritual Concierge – and in keeping with what a traditional concierge does – I thought I’d gather together the things I believe you should be exploring further in the coming week. This week we’ll be looking at your message from the Oracle cards for the week ahead. A new book all about creating a better world for all of us. The must-have meditation app and lots more. These are things that I think you will enjoy. Oh and I think the unofficial themes this week are ‘intuition’ and ‘love’!

So, without further a do, here’s what you should be checking out this week…

  1. Your message for the week
  2. Sue Stone’s new book
  3. 7 day meditation challenge
  4. St Valentines Day
  5. Moon in the Last Quarter
  6. 17th February Random Acts of Kindness Day

Your message for the week

The Psychic Tarot Oracle deck are my favourite cards to use for readings. They are based on the traditional Rider Waite tarot pack, but John Holland has somehow softened them, but without reducing their power.

I can’t quite believe the HOPE card jumped out at me today, which I thought was very apt considering the turmoil that some areas of the world are experiencing!

By drawing this card we are asked to focus on the qualities of hope, faith, healing, aspirations, success, and enlightenment. Know that, when this card appears, wishes that you’ve made will be granted. The Hope Card shows you that the force that works through your soul – determining who you are and what you can achieve – is the power of your belief. It truly shows you that the impossible can indeed become the possible. 

This card also reminds you to use your natural ability of intuition, the language of the soul, as you reach for your goals and desires. The future can be yours when you trust in everything you do and have that all important HOPE, in every situation. When you start making that your default position others will be attracted and drawn to your bright inner light.

Above all, a positive attitude and keeping your vibes high, starting RIGHT NOW, will allow your soul to soar. You’ll discover an opportunity to shine as you reach for the stars!

Traditional tarot archetype: The Star

From The Psychic Tarot oracle deck by John Holland Please contact me if you would like a private reading.

Sue Stone’s new book

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I have written a brief review of this book, which I read last week, and which I loved. Sue has a real knack of making complicated things easy to understand, and her words and pages imbues the joy and positive vibes that she very vocally advocates.

It’s a quick and easy read, and that’s for a good reason, Sue wants you to understand, very quickly, what you can do to create A Wonderful World for All! Sue is joined in this book by world renowned spiritual teacher Diana Cooper, Master Astrologer Pam Gregory, and Dr. Sam White, Functional Medicine Doctor, with a foreword from spiritual leader Tim Whild.

7 day meditation challenge

I have a confession to make… sometimes I skip meditating, and then I wonder why life starts happening to me instead of for me! It always comes back to meditating and getting my mind calm and focused.

Insight Timer is a brilliant little app that has lots of guided and non-guided mediations on it, and it’s all free of charge. You can pay extra for the plus version, but there’s really no need.

Now why I have called this 7 day meditation challenge, is exactly that; the app registers every time you use it, so you can stay on track.

Use this time as designated me time. Wake up 10 minutes early and go to bed 10 minutes early, so that it can become part of your morning and evening routines; to open and close your days! This QR code will take you straight to download the app. You’re welcome!

St Valentines Day

Some of you celebrate it whilst others don’t no doubt. I have a friend who sends her children Valentines Day cards to remind them just how much their mum loves and cherishes them, which I think is a lovely idea.

However you choose (or not) to celebrate this day, just remember to give yourself some love. Talk kindly to your self, use words of encouragement and really spend some time loving who you are and what you have and can continue to achieved.

Moon in the Last Quarter

The Last Quarter moon is a period of activation and responsibility. It is represented by the qualities of intuition, understanding, and that all important letting go. At the New Moon, intentions are set and new beginnings instigated, but by the Last Quarter Moon arrives things will have progressed. Our purpose during this time is to release and forgive. Before letting the universe take over and run its course.

The Last Quarter phase is the best time – if there is a best time – to cut ties with those people and relationships which are no longer serving you. Be honest with yourself and take the appropriate action.

17th February Random Acts of Kindness Day

Friday of this week celebrates the International Random Acts of Kindness Day and this year the theme is…

Help make kindness the norm at school, home and work

Here’s some suggestions for you. And Random Acts of Kindness couldn’t be more needed this year with the cost of living hitting all of us no matter where we’re living.

Until next time…

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