nothing you want is upstream!

It’s all about the subtle but essential part of allowing all your desires to flow to you.

You never see a river flowing upstream to get to the sea and there’s a good reason for that. It’s all about ‘the path of least resistance‘. Water in rivers finds the quickest path downhill (the path of least resistance) until it reaches its ‘goal’, the sea. And if it meets something in its path, it finds a way to get round the obstacle to continue flowing. It might take time, but eventually the water will find a way through. It’s literally effortless; just all part of the flow.

  1. Get into the flow
  2. Magic flows, when you let go
  3. What is the flow?
  4. And finally…

Get into the flow

The same can’t always be said for those of us trying to achieve our goals. Sometimes it can be anything BUT effortless! We often strive, sacrifice and struggle in order to reach our goals; frantically going against the flow, paddling upstream in order to achieve success. But in actual fact it’s when we let go and get into the flow, surrender to the current, that we magically float effortlessly downstream, where our goals and dream reside.

Magic flows, when you let go

A good analogy of this is when couples are desperate to have children. They try everything to get pregnant, IVF, gift treatment, the lot, only for none of it to work. BUT as soon as they ‘let go and get in the flow‘, they find themselves pregnant. That was exactly what happened to some very good friends of mine. They went through the mill “paddling up stream” to get pregnant, only to fail. Once they’d ‘dropped the oars‘ – and by that I mean they went on holiday, ate, drank, had a good time and generally relaxed – they found themselves expecting. Not only that, but their second was only just over a year from the first! Two babies in two years, when nothing in the previous SEVEN! #MAGIC!

What is the flow?

The flow is set purely by our desires. So when we launch a rocket of desire the current immediately starts to flow to take you to do your desire. However, if we deem this request to be something small and easily achieved, like say a good parking space at the supermarket, we don’t give that much attention as we would something bigger. We almost take it for granted that we will receive the desired parking space, and what do we know, we do generally that good space. Why? because we let go of it immediately. We asked and we believed the space would be there for us. BUT if we launch a rocket of desire for something we perceive to be much bigger, such as wealth, health or relationships for example, we think about it all the damn time. And when we thinking about it all the damn time we can get really messed up on the rocks lying just under the surface of the flow, i.e. our perpetual need to MAKE IT HAPPEN preventing our desire from coming to us!

And because it’s something bigger, we throw everything at it and it occupies our every waking moment (aka paddling upstream). Usually, we get very impatient if we don’t see results. Then we shout at the unkind Universe that hasn’t granted our wish! Said that magic and the Law of Attraction is a heap of crud. Total hocus pocus and it doesn’t work! Hands up who has done that? Don’t be shy…! When in actual fact everything that we asked for exists, downstream, when we have faith, and listen to the guidance and intuition nudging us along the way!

And finally…

There are some fantastic bloggers and authors out there that write on the subject. Genevieve Davis has written some great books about Becoming Magic and Steve Aitchison has a brilliant, really in depth, blog post on the subject. However, the master of the magical process of letting go can be found in the book Ask and it is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, where Abraham puts it like this,

The most common misunderstanding that prevents people from getting control of a situation and gaining their personal balance is the belief that I need to get to where I want to be right now or as quickly as possible. We certainly understand your desire to find the answers to your questions quickly or to solve your problems as fast as you can, but still, that urge works against you. When you feel an urgency to be somewhere else, you are pushing hard against where you are. That is upstream. But an even more important flaw in the premise you are beginning from is this: In your belief that you must hurry to an improved place, you are discounting the power of the Stream, its speed, its direction, and its promise. And in the forgetting of those things, you are definitely pointed in the opposite direction of who-you- truly-are and all that you have become.”

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