4 of the best ways to get out of ‘the funks’!

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” 

I don’t know about you, but some days I get up in a bit of a funky mood.  It might be because I was up late the night before, or I’ve had a fight with my other half, or the one that used to blindside me all too often was the hormone-related funk!  

You’re entitled to have ‘the funks’ from time to time; after all you can’t be happy all of the time, right. But what are the best way to right the ship and get back, firing on all cylinders again?

Let’s explore some of my tried and tested methods now. 


When you’re in a funk, you are not grounded.  Instead, you are caught up in the darker, chaotic energy of ‘the funk’.  You will notice that things will tend to happen to you in a domino effect, and to combat that you need to ground yourself.   

The easiest way to ground yourself is to go outside, find a little patch of green, take your socks and shoes off and walk around.  Now stand still and scrunch your feet in the grass and imagine that there are roots from your feet going deep into the earth, anchoring you securely to the ground.  Take a deep breath of the great outdoors, hold it at the top for a count of four, and let it go

If you can’t go outside, then find a comfy chair or seat to sit down in, where you won’t be disturbed.  Take your socks and shoes off, and put your feet flat on the floor.  With your knees relaxed and slightly apart, put your hands in your lap. Just like before extend your roots through the floor and deep into the earth below you

Now, imagine that out the top of your head is a brilliant white cord of light which extends high above you and connects with the infinite source energy.  Feel that white light cord coming through the top of your head, to your crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras.  Imagine that as soon as all the chakras are connected an amazing light fills your entire body.  From the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers.  You are full of bright, purifying, negativitybusting white lightBreathe the light in.  Hold it was the top for a count of four, then let it go.   

Make the white light as bright as you can.   

Allow it to come out of you, and wrap itself around you like a blanket.  Breathe it in.  And when you’re ready, from the root chakra upwards, draw the light upwards.  Give thanks to each of the chakras as the light dissipates from it.  When it reaches your crown chakra, disconnect from the infinite energy source.  From your feet bring the roots back up through the earth and into your body again

When you’re ready open your eyes, and now gauge how you feel, from 1 – 10, in terms of ‘the funks’.  You should be hovering around a 2.5 if not lower.  If that’s not the case then do it again, until you feel calmer and happier


Now, one of the best ways to get out of ‘the funks’ is to simply write it out of you.  There is something cathartic, and quite magical, about getting all that funky energy out of you through the ink connecting with the page in your journal

Take a page from your journal, and really go to town on what is making you feel funky.  Remember that no one is going to see what you’re writingNo one is going to judge what you’re writing; it is literally between you and your journal. Say exactly what you’re feeling, in as much detail as possible.

If you want to take things a stage further then have a go at automatic writing. 

If you’re not familiar with this technique, I believe, that automatic writing comes from your subconscious mind, and is a direct connection to your higher self/ soul.  It is argued that automatic writing has its roots in some supernatural force external to you, guiding your hand.  However, as I’ve said, I choose to believe that it’s a great tool to use if you’re looking to take your conscious mind out of the equation, and find some guidance from deep within your psyche.   

Take a bath 

There is nothing nicer than spending time on your own self-care, and luxuriating in a bath, complete with a face pack, scented candles, essential oils, bath bombs, soft music (playing on a waterproof speaker of course; safety first) and a glass of Prosecco or wine (alternative non-alcoholic beverages can be used instead), is a perfect way to lighten your funky mood and look after yourself, at the same time.   

When everything gets a bit much, just close your eyes and use the space to visualize living through the perfect day.   


Visualize waking up with the sun streaming through the windows.  Hear the sounds that you would hear outside. Create your perfect day from start to finish.  Maybe that will be you meeting a friend for lunch.  Walking along the beach with your feet in the water.  Perhaps it’s spending the day on a game drive or safari.  

The beauty of visualization is that you don’t have to have lived this particular perfect day before.  You can make it up as you go along, and that’s the fun bit.  It might be really simple or complex.  Whatever would be your prefect day, lay in your luxurious bath – or wherever is comfortable – and visualize it.  And by spending time visualizing your perfect day, you are taking your mind off of ‘the funks’, and lighten your mood

And if you just don’t have time and want to get out of that funk ASAP, why not try these instead…

  • Throw some shapes, with a dance party just for one.  Put on your fave tracks and boogie away. 
  • Watch some ‘Cats do the craziest things’ videos on YouTube 
  • Find some funny memes 
  • Call or Face time your best friend for a chat
  • Eat a snack.  Sometimes we get a little cranky when we don’t eat.  So, have a snack just to make sure that you’re not actually Hangry! 

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