Believing is seeing!

“Miracles are like stars; once you start looking for one in the night sky, suddenly you find more and more popping up. More than you ever imagined you’d see.”

Hands up who believes in co-creation with the Universe? Or better yet who DOESN’T believe in co-creation with the Universe? Today I want to tell you about a little game that I like playing, and it’s where I ask the Universe to bring something I’ve asked to see into my consciousness. It’s based on one of the wonderful experiments Pam Grout suggests in her book E squared, which she describes as, “You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.” So basically, what shows up in your life is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside you by way of feelings, emotions and most importantly beliefs.

How to play

  • So first off, think of something you would like to ‘be shown’ by the Universe.
  • Now wacky that up a bit; and by that I mean make it something that you aren’t likely to see in your part of the world. Or make it a colour that’s ‘off the wall’. The idea behind this is that you will know when you’ve seen it because it is so ‘off the wall’, it could only have come from a higher power through co-creation.
  • Now give yourself a time limit – 48 hours is what Pam says, but whatever feels right for you. Just don’t make it weeks or months!
  • Now address the Universe thus; “Universe please show me (in this case) a purple bumble bee in the next 48 hours.”
  • Once you’ve seen it, thank the Universe for showing you.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not go looking for your request because that defeats the object and sends a clear message to the Universe that you don’t believe it can provide what you’ve asked for. You have to BELIEVE you’re going to be shown this.

This is a great game to play if you’ve gone off the boil a bit with your Law of Attraction manifestations. It’s a great way to bring you back into your power of co-creation with the Universe.

My greatest hits

  • I had asked the Universe to show me a blue bird. I live in the sometimes inclement UK so blue birds are quite a rarity unless you’re at a bird park or you count a Blue Tit as a blue bird. I kept vigilant, but nothing was coming. I toddled off to the supermarket and parked up in the car park next to a vehicle, not thinking anything of it… that was until I saw the model of the car next to mine – wait for it – it was a Nissan Bluebird! So the Universe can be super creative sometimes!
  • Another time I driving home in the winter when it gets dark early and it often freezing cold. I asked the Universe to show me a Peacock Butterfly, knowing full well that I would definitely know when I saw one because of the time of year. I saw one alright; a decorative one on the side of someone’s house! Again the Universe being creative.

This little game serves to get you into the habit of believing what you’re seeing and not the other way around. Ask the Universe to show you something to get you back into the habit of co-creating. Have a go and let me know what shows up in your world.

And for the record I’ve asked to see a turquoise saucepan! I’ll let you know how I get on.

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