Spring cleaning for Mind Body and Spirit

Not sure about you but there’s nothing better than good cleaning session. Making your living space squeaky clean and decluttering by getting rid of unwanted junk – although apparently, I am a hoarder according to my family! Your home isn’t the only living space that will benefit from a thorough cleaning; mind-body-spirit cleaning is just…

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5 Magic words that can change your life

saying “Go for it” or “You deserve it” etc., but when it comes to us, we skip over that bit and wonder why we don’t grow or things don’t manifest in our lives.

Decoding messages from the Universe

Our daily lives are filled with messages from the Universe and signs that are meant just for us. They appear along our journey to aid us in making decisions, to teach us lessons, and in some cases literally give us…

Introducing Ask Sarah

I’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes putting together my latest offering for you and I bring you Ask Sarah!

The Spiritual Concierge’s guide for your week ahead!

I thought I’d gather together the things I believe you should be exploring further in the coming week. This week we’ll be looking at your message from the Oracle cards for the week ahead. A new book all about creating…

You are what you think and become what you say!

You often hear the health gurus using the phrase “You are what you eat”, and it’s true, you are a product of what and how much you shovel in your face. BUT had you ever stopped to think that you…

The magical alchemy of bathing

For me the bath is the perfect place to practice some self-care.  I love the peace and quiet that the bath and the bathroom affords me, for me it’s a great place to meditate.

5 things you need to know about Earthing

Can you remember a time when you walked barefoot on the sand or in the grass and felt in tune with your surroundings? Like nothing could touch you; you were at one with nature? You felt really good. Well, lovely…

nothing you want is upstream!

It’s all about the subtle but essential part of allowing all your desires to flow to you. You never see a river flowing upstream to get to the sea and there’s a good reason for that. It’s all about ‘the…

4 of the best ways to get out of ‘the funks’!

You’re entitled to have ‘the funks’ from time to time; after all you can’t be happy all of the time, right.  But what are the best way to right the ship and get back, firing on all cylinders agai

8 ways to stop drowning in debt right now!

Don’t let #Debt way you down! I know that the heading for this post is way easier said than done, but my post comes directly from my own experience of debt and how to manage it.

7 magical tips for surviving change!

Firstly our lives are in perpetual motion. We live in a constantly changing world and an ever expanding universe, so change is inevitable. Some people embrace change, seeing it as ushering in new energy; whilst others shy away from it…

Believing is seeing!

Hands up who believes in co-creation with the Universe? Or better yet who DOESN’T believe in co-creation with the Universe? Today I want to tell you about a little game that I like playing

the definition of lucky 

You will often hear the wise ones, the gurus, the memes saying “Live every day like it’s your last.” and by that they mean, pack as much in as you can.  Live life to the fullest.  And of course, that’s…

A guide to Journaling

The benefits of getting in the scribbling habit allows you to clarify your thoughts and feelings by putting them down on paper.


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